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Life is unpredictable, and it's essential to be prepared for all eventualities, including the end of your own life. Failing to plan ahead can have devastating consequences for you and your loved ones.
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Hand pointing to a computer for post-death formalities

Automatic preparation of post-death formalities

Assurer la préparation automatique de toutes démarches en s'organisant avant, ou en se faisant accompagner après.

two people who point a computer to help with post-death formalities

After-death formalities are generally poorly understood by the families of the deceased, which can lead to delays or errors in the management of formalities

Le rôle de Postumo est d’accompagner les familles à la préparation de ces démarches afin de les décharger du poids de l’administratif et de garantir que tous les papiers sont faits correctement et dans les temps.

Notre service s’articule en deux temps :

  • Sérénité, c’est le choix de s’organiser avant, de son vivant, pour protéger ses proches et faire en sorte qu’ils héritent simplement et sans tracas de toutes nos informations personnelles choisies.
  • Essentielle s’adresse aux familles qui ont perdu un proche et qui souhaite être accompagnée pour effectuer toutes les démarches administratives liées au décès, en ayant la garantit de bénéficier des aides éligibles et de ne rien manquer.

Our goal is to prepare all administrative formalities. We want to prevent families from forgetting letters, not having a complete file, or even making mistakes that could delay administrative deadlines.

Sans aide, ces démarches peuvent prendre jusqu’à 2 ans.

Avant ou après, Postumo est là pour accompagner chacun dans une gestion sereine et simplifiée de la transmission administrative.

When a loved one dies, it is often difficult for family members to dealing with administrative formalities that must be accomplished.

Between the pain of the loss and the formalities involved, the task can seem unconquerable. Post-death formalities can be an additional source of stress for the families who have to deal with them.

logo postumo: steps after death

Formalities in the event of death: what to do, when and how?

It's hard to know what to do in the event of death and which formalities are needed.

It is essential to respect the administration calendar and make sure you take all the necessary steps to avoid complications later on.

To avoid these difficulties, It's important to find out what formalities need to be completed, and to ask for assistance to find out what steps need to be taken.

Il est également possible de s’organiser en amont, afin d’éviter à ses proches de devoir naviguer les méandres d’années de papiers et les complexités des administrations. Vous souhaitez vous organiser de votre vivant ? Découvrez Sérénité, un accompagnement complet pour gérer votre transmission administrative et les démarches liées.

Complex formalities after death: a senior woman in front of a computer

What are the formalities after death?

Post-death formalities can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the deceased's situation (married, single, with or without children), place of residence, etc.
Some of the most common steps :

Declaration of death

It is necessary to get a declaration of death and present it at the town hall of the deceased's residence following the death.

Funeral arrangements

Once you have been informed of the death and taken the first administrative steps, you need to choose a funeral director who will take care of all the funeral arrangements.

Obtaining an act of death

Once the death has been declared, it is possible to obtain an act of death, which will be required for certain procedures.

Inform the relevant organizations

It's important to notify the organizations with which the deceased was in contact, such as the pension fund, the Social Security system, the mutual insurance company, and so on.

Estate formalities

Managing the deceased's estate

An inventory must be taken of the deceased's property and debts, and any missing information must be researched.

Settling debts and receivables

It is necessary to settle all debts and claims of the deceased.


Transfer of bank accounts

If the deceased had bank accounts in a different bank from the one where the heirs have their account, it is possible to request the transfer of the accounts.

Transfer of assets to heirs

Once all the post-death formalities have been completed, the deceased's assets can be passed on to his or her heirs.

Apply for financial assistance

post-death formalities document

This list is not exhaustive and other post-death formalities may also be required. In the event of death, it's important to find out about the formalities involved to settle the deceased's affairs and last wishes.

To do this, the deceased's next of kin can contact the town hall in their commune of residence to declare the death and obtain an act of death. This act will be needed to deal with the administrative formalities linked to the death of the deceased.

In addition, the deceased's next of kin should contact various administrations and organizations to update the necessary documents, such as vehicle registration documents, insurance policies and bank accounts. The many steps involved can be complex, requiring in-depth knowledge of administrative procedures.


Why use our service

Postumo is a French company specializing in administrative procedures following a death. We are committed to providing a quality service for our customers, in line with our values of trust, humanity and simplicity.

Simplifying administrative procedures

We're here to help you through this difficult time, taking care of all the formalities after your death. Our service of automatic preparation of formalities allows you to concentrate on what's most important: mourning and taking care of your family. We are at your disposal to guide you and help you with all the administrative formalities in the event of death.

Guaranteed security and confidentiality

At Postumo, we are committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of our customers' personal data. We implement technical and organizational measures to protect data against unauthorized intrusion or disclosure. We are aware of the importance of personal data protection and confidentiality for our customers. This is why we take the necessary measures to ensure their security.

Save time and energy

With our simple and efficient automatic preparation of post-death formalities. We aim to prepare all the administrative formalities so that families don't forget letters, don't end up with an incomplete file, or even make mistakes that could delay administrative deadlines. This could take up to 2 years.

Avoid errors in formalities with Postumo

Designed to help you get through this difficult period with complete peace of mind. We offer complete support and guidance for all post-death procedures.

Couple in front of computer for post-death formalities

Our service for automatic preparation of formalities

Post-death formalities can be complex and difficult for heirs to understand. The time required to complete these formalities can also be an additional stress factor.

Tailor-made service for automatic preparation of formalities

Our automated post-death formalities preparation service is tailored to each individual situation. Formalities are prepared automatically using an online questionnaire. These documents are regularly updated as the situation evolves.

Individualized letters and CERFA forms immediately available

Pre-filled individualized letters are available immediately to notify the authorities and organizations involved in post-death procedures. Documents are personalized and accompanied by CERFA forms where necessary. Certain procedures can be carried out online via the web links provided.

Our assistance with death-related formalities

Our experts are there to guide beneficiaries and answer their questions throughout the process, simplify administrative procedures and relieve the stress of loved ones.

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The first 100 % online platform for automating death notifications
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The first 100 % online platform for automating death notifications
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